Projects & Deadlines

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Current Project:  

Working Title: WEST OF MOON
Genre: Regency Romance
Total Word Count: NA
Deadline: Current draft due May 1, 2016
Pinterest Board: West of Moon

Pending Projects:

Working Title: CRONE
Genre: YA Fantasy
Total Word Count: 85,000
Deadline: NA
Pinterest Board: Crone

Working Title: TRAPI
Genre: YA Fantasy
Total Word Count: 18,000
Deadline: NA
Pinterest Board: Trapi

Working Title: FIVERS
Genre: YA Fantasy
Total word count:76,000
Deadline: NA
Pinterest Board: Fivers

Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
Total word count: 83,000
Pinterest Board: QA I & QA II

Deadline Updates (2016):

Jan 11 -- Tradition continues. I'm updating because it's actually nice to look back and see how I've been slogging for the last few years. So. I've been working on a Regency since August. I finished a NaNo draft of it in November, and now I'm fleshing through something that's supposed to resemble polish.

Perhaps a faux-polish. With a matte finish, rather than a glossy sheen.

Let's go with that. It's due May 1. If...when...this comes into some version of reality, cones of flowers will ensue.

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Deadline Updates (2015):

Jan 24 -- I'm not entirely sure how updating my deadlines here benefits anyone? But tradition insists, and so I continue. Working on CRONE right now. I project to be done with my current draft by March 1st so I can polish it up some for my critique partners and then again for Storymakers in May. 

What I *really* want to get back to is QUIET AWAKENING. Finally. Because there are so many stories to write after that! 

So I'll check back in here in March. Write on! 

April 7-- It's officially *not* March, but I did finish my first draft of CRONE as planned. It's gritty, messy, gross to look at. But it's done. Now I'm working on the next draft to have my critique partners pick through. Projecting this draft to be done by end of August. Cheers to that *chink-chink*

Deadline Updates (2014):

Jan 13 -- Deadline for this month is through chapter 8 of the second draft of FIVERS. So far, somewhat good. 
Oct 13 -- What happened to updates, dude? I don't  know. Fast-forward ten months and...

I've moved on from FIVERS to a new story because I've been hashing that poor story for over a year now. So it's filed in a cereal box with all my notes and wonderful feedback, and I hope to come back to it fresh after I work through this new story, one more story I have on my mind, go back through another draft of QA and maybe outline it's sequel. And *then* back to FIVERS. So seriously, will I ever get back to Eli and Brody? I hope so. 

Meanwhile, TRAPI is writing practice. I'm nearly through Act I and plan to get at least midway through Act II by end of October, then the rest will be my unofficial NaNo project for this year. Totally cheating. Totally okay with that. 

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Check back for new posts and updates to the noveling progress. Thanks for your interest and reading.
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