Here be old stuff I’m breaking down from the blog and may or may not rework in later. Depends on where this all grows. 

Old Deadlines:

December 13, 2012: And just because you're done doesn't mean the work is over, eh? Though my beta for QA is done, I've been resizing chapters and figuring out how better to weave the story together. So far I've got four different drafts of my finalized project. All the same content, just broken up and fit together differently.

I'm giving myself til the end of December to be officially and finally done. For real final, though. I feel like if I don't make myself stop sometime I will be forever at this puzzle, so. December 31, and then after that I can't touch it any more until I get an agent and editor and they tell me where to reformat, etc.

October 31, 2012: Done and done. I officially finished on time with my "new" deadline, and can say I'm glad I decided to extend it back at the end of August because I'm very much happier with how it looks now versus how it looked back then. Now on to Novel two...

October 8, 2012: For the record, I'm happily knocking on wood, because I'm even more happily one-and-a-half weeks ahead of schedule.

September 4, 2012: So what happened with the August deadline? Executive decision is to extend. Find the details in this post.

August 1, 2012: Because this wasn't initially my main project I didn't start out with an outline. I'm definitely an outline writer, though, so because I didn't go back and make a full-blown outline until just a couple of weeks ago (I've just been trying miserably to hash up and rework what I already had in my first draft), things have been going really slow. I got frustrated and pretty much gave up for awhile, justifying my break by saying there was all this family stuff going on, summer holidays, etc. And it was true, but. But. If writing is my job -- and I want it to be, so whether I'm published yet or not I need to be "clocking in" as if it were -- these things shouldn't get in the way of my writing. Right? 
So now we have an outline? Check.
We have a deadline? Check.
We have plan to meet that deadline? Check.
We have a lot of pressure and stress to finish in time? Check.
Then let's get to it.

May 22, 2012: Running a little behind on my first deadline here, but feeling okay about it. This is something I still have time to fix. I was initially naive about thinking the re-writing process would go faster than the first-draft writing. It's not. At least not yet. So I'm putting more time into it and will catch up by the June deadline.

April 19, 2012: I'm done with my main character studies (though I'm sure I'll still be learning more from and about my characters as I continue to write their stories and interactions) and heading off into the big, wide world of background research. This is adding depth to what I've got thus far, but I'm worrying that it's all getting a little over my head. Too much info and I'm loosing grip on my actual story.

So I'm dealing with that, whatever that looks like. Chaotic. Lovely. These are only a couple of accurate adjectives.

March 19, 2012: This week I open the lock box again, and dive back into noveling. Refining my characters, understanding their traits and behaviors, and then how those play a part into the progress of my story – this is my first focus. One session of the conference I attended last Saturday was devoted entirely to character mapping and such, so now I have some tools to help me, which I’m planning on sharing this Tuesday (3/20)

Next focus – plotting, plotting, and more plotting. Again, one of the authors at the conference went into great detail about this, and I’ll share my notes, things that are working or not working for me, next Tuesday (3/27).

March 1, 2012: Reached my first big self-imposed deadline. Basics can be found in Deb Stats and details can be found here.

January 1, 2012: Refer to my Deb Stats.

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