Thursday, September 4, 2014

Rescue God

Free writes continue, thanks to Leah and all the ladies continuing with. Today's prompt is to write something from the perspective of a rescue dog which was rough for me. Not sure if I won this time, but definitely stretched my muscles:
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The hurricane blew through the gulf nearly as quick as it came, but the carnage it left would take months to go through. My crew was flown in before the last squalls had even calmed. 

They should've at least given us better faces

I thought that every time I heard a little girl scream. Maybe I’d drop a comment in the suggestions box when we got back. If we got back. I had more than a few things to say.

“Got this one,” Rufus barked at a terrified child and pointed me forward. “Keep going.”

I huffed and pushed ahead. My enhanced smell led me toward the next collapsed home where things were already starting to rot in the front, but someone was still alive and kicking near what I could scent was the back exit.

A beam had collapsed over a table. I wrenched at the mess, watching for new debris to settle. 

“Good god,” a woman said, looking up at me from underneath the table and holding the back of her hand to her mouth. She tried to scuttle away but her leg was pinned.

I nodded. This wasn’t the first time I’d heard that reaction before. “Reverse your ‘G’ and your ‘D’ and you’d be closer to the truth, though outside of rescuing I don’t know if I'm all that good.”


  1. Awesome take on this one! I think you rocked it, I like him already, someone has to fall for him any way....right?!

    1. Right! I'm glad you liked him in such a short space. Shows me how spot on the idea of 'save the cat' can be :) Must remember to use that tactic more...


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