Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pudding Problem

Next up on prompts from Leah: start with the words 'And they lived happily ever after. The end.'
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Pudding Problem

"And they lived happily ever after. The end."

“Oh good.” Jenna nodded, her hands relaxing on the steering wheel. “For a while there I thought this story would end badly.”

I squinted my eyes at my friend and said, “Seriously?”

“What?” She glanced briefly away from the road then back, too nervous about missing the green light to give me the full-on look I was due. 

“Have you been listening to my story at all?”

“I thought so.” Her statement sounded more like a question.

“There’s no way he would get with her.”

“But why?”

“Jenna.” I leaned forward in my seat. “Are you being serious?”

She gunned the green and I lurched back, scrabbling for something to hang on to.

“Why wouldn’t he get with the brunette? I’m brunette. Are you saying Jack won’t get with me?”

“Jenna, slow down.”

“Are you saying I shouldn’t have eaten that baked pudding last night? That it’s going to go straight to my hips, and Jack will think I’m hideous?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Seriously?” She squinted her eyes over at me.

“What?” I glanced quickly back and forth between her anguished face and the landscapes we were flashing past.

“Have you been listening to me at all?”

“I thought so?” Definitely questionable.

“Oh good.” She nodded and her hands started to relax again on the steering wheel. “Say it again, then.”

“Say what again?” My mind reversed through our conversation trying to figure out where I had missed the turn.

“The part about me and Jack. How it ends.”

I frowned and took a wild guess. “They lived happily ever after?”

She sighed with contentment as we rolled to a gentle stop at another red. “The end.”

**post edit: apparently my subconscious has a thing for the elusive Jack, because he shows up here too. Methinks he's on his way to becoming a running theme?


  1. I love the elusive Jack! Especially because he's elusive. And the crazy friend? She makes me giggle. I want to be friends with her....maybe. :D

    1. She is based on my favorite college roommate and I think you would have loved her. Most of the time ^_^

  2. Who's Jack then?!? off to read the 'here'

    1. Who IS Jack? That is the exact question! I'll have to do some more writings with him to figure it out--you with me?


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