Tuesday, January 22, 2013

300 Words or Less: Not so Simple

I feel like it’s been a little too long since I’ve done a “300 Words or Less” post. I miss them. So here’s something new, inspired by this

Not so Simple

Dark of middle forest. Man approaches, limping. Leans on tree. 

Bleached leopard crouches in limbs above. Shoulders pump, readying for pounce.

Thump. Man howls, grapples at muscle of albino snake cinching. Python purrs. Pulls tighter.

Loosens. Snow hare twists to avoid slice, bounding to ground. Man brandishes blade, menacing glint of steel.

Rabbit rears up, thunderous roar, white bear looms over bent man. 

Straightening man. Sneering man. 

“Come, wench, you’re wanted.”

Muzzle contorts into impossible, “No.” 

Paws fold into wings, into claws, into fingers.

Man cups fluttering gently, endures scratches calmly, links fingers fondly.

“I must insist.” Wraps pale shoulders with soft stoat cloak, not letting go.

“I must insist.” Delicate chin lifts, woman plants bare feet firm, unwilling to go.

“You are wanted.”

“But I don’t want that. You of all people know.”

Pained pause, double-sided. 

Pained look, “In you I confided…”


“Yes,” eyes narrow, voice dipping to whisper. “Enough.”

Iridescent smoke wisps up. Woosh. Hazy hint of smile.

Long pipe, quick inhale. Quick tilt. Quick topple into green moss, eyes rolling back, nearly forgetting. Padding down tunic for tube. 

Quick, Man. Blow her inside.

Tiny fists pounding.

Apology unheard through thickness of glass. Thickness of apology unheard. 

Man withdraws from dark forest, no longer limping. All farcical. Pats pocket, grim half-smile.

But it’s never so simple, or easy, as that.

link to original here


  1. I wish I could write so beautifully when I didn't know what to blog about!

    1. Likewise, I wish I could write as humorously as you, but I'm stuck being born sans funny bone. So I have to scramble in a different direction to try to keep up somehow :)

  2. Beautiful!! The efficient use of words packs a punch ;-) well played and thank you for joining in and for the return of a 300 or less!

    PS Am I right she was a djinn?

    1. Oh good, thanks for that feedback Sleepy Joe. I wasn't sure if it made it more confusing? I hoped not. I'm glad it was punchy instead.

      Djinn? Not sure. I hadn't gotten so far as to figure out what she is. As per your challenge, I had an image in my head (the limping man and the cat in tree) and I went from there.

    2. :-) I love that 'Forest' gave you this.

      It could just be me reading into it too much, I went from the changing shape to what seemed to be a capture at the and came up with Djinn?? It just got things working in my mind from there ;-)

      Oh and no, not confusing, just more room than normal to interpret from a readers view point.

  3. Replies
    1. *big grin* You and your exclamations. Thanks :)


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