Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Angels Book Deadline

So did I reach this deadline for the angels book?

Yes. There's definite celebrating going on in the Stevens' household. Here are the stats:
link to original here

Working Title, Novel One: Quiet Awakening
Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Total word count: 83,080
Deadline: Finalized, Editing Beta and sending out queries

I'm working on a summary, and will update that here if you'd like to know more. Hopefully by the end of this weekend? I'll keep you updated on that update I'm sure.

Now on to novel two in the trilogy, the demons book. Denny's, here I come to write my outline.  

Meanwhile, NaNoWriMo, eh? Starts Thursday, my friends. Ooo, I'm so excited. I'm planning to use the month to hash out a very rough first draft of the demons book.What about you? You up for the challenge this year?

I feel like there should be a link up, or a write in, or something in the works. Let me massage some ideas and you do the same, then lend me your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Yay! Congrats on meeting your goals! I'm about to try and make an outline for the story I want to do for NaNo, but I've never put one together this quickly before, so we'll see how it goes!

    1. Thanks for the grats, but I hope you and Jewels know how much you had to do with meeting said goals. Thanks for your wonderful feedback.

  2. Wahoo, doing a little victory dance for you!! Seriously well done; 83,080 words is one mega achievement!! Good luck with the query letters, I don't know what scares me more; writing my story and finding it wanton or sending out the letters!!

    Absolutely cannot wait to read Quiet Awakening, I am really into angels at the moment :-)

    Onwards and upwards to the next challenge, I am readying my cheer pom poms to keep you going as you start the next long road to completion. You go girl, live your dream!

    PS loving the extra pages, something to keep me going on these long weeks between posts ;-)

    1. Onwards and upwards! Yay for new challenges! Thanks for always being there to do victory dances with me, Sleepy Joe :)

  3. I'm a bit intimidated by the fact that you finished your book so quickly. You're much more disciplined than me. Guess that's why NaNo will be good for me.

    1. Fear and Dread are great metaphorical hell hounds, nipping at my heels and keeping me disciplined.

      And yay for NaNo! Let's do this thing!

  4. Hooray for meeting deadlines! I remember that feeling well. At the moment, my goal is to actually start setting deadlines for myself again. Perhaps a deadline for deadlines is in order? :)


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