Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Of Beatings and Barmaids

While writing my last two posts I had this gentle sinking feeling in my stomach that somehow what I was writing seemed familiar? "Where have I read/said this before?"

Uh, yes. I’ve skimmed back over my previous posts and noticed how many hovered timidly, some more boldly, around the idea of “self-doubt.” Right. I think it's fair to say we've established the fact that in my writing process I deal with a lot of uncertainty. So. Lest I attempt to fixate again on what’s apparently my favorite topic anytime soon, I’m making an official note:

(Though in retrospect I believe the correct phraseology is "kicking," not "beating." Bah.)

But now on to more positive mental images. SookieStackhouse.

Let me first say I’ve never watched any part of the True Blood series, so my comments are specifically for and about the Sookie Stackhouse books. I love them. Okay, many people love them, but these are some of the reasons I love her character specifically:

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1. She is funny, realistic about her “disability/gift,” giving, hard working, curious, open-minded, but knows her limits. Most of them, anyway, which leads me to…

2. She grows emotionally and experientially through the books so that when she asks herself questions about some of her preconceived notions, we are made to ask ourselves those things also.

3. She bounces back from everything. Sometimes it takes time, and a little physical therapy, but she keeps going like we all have to do. 

And I love the author of the Sookie Stackhouse books, Charlaine Harris. Okay, many people love her, but these are some of the reasons I love her specifically:

1. Her smile, and general demeanor in interviews, is real. When I was young I was told that if I ever got lost, I should find a grandma or mother with children to ask for help. I would definitely have gone to Charlaine Harris.

2. Her blog, which can be found here, is full of wisdom and wit. Read it all, piece by piece, I dare you. You'll feel better for it in the end. Like a spoon-full of sugar.

3. Her interviews are golden: 

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Moment of Magic today:

Rocking little Beta to sleep this afternoon took longer than I'd expected, and so ate into what meager blogging time I've set aside for myself, but it was soft, sweet, slow. Humming.

It's magical that he is small enough still to fit in the crook of my arm, head on my shoulder, tiny puffs of breath on my neck, and we are like puzzle pieces. Perfect together.

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