Thursday, February 9, 2012

300 Words or Less: Movie Trailer

And it's Thursday again, where I'm posting bits of original work -- teasers from the novel I'm working on, some of my favorite poetry or prose I've done in the last few years, maybe some flash fiction or short essays, etc. -- all within 300 words or less. 

Here's some more flash fiction, today's quickie:

Movie Trailer

Olivia was walking slowly home from her appointment, soaking in the break from her children. She bought a soft pretzel dusted with sugar and sat down on a bench in the park to piece at it. The warm bread hung from her hand turning cold.

Link to original here (plus the recipe? What? Now you gotta go)
“You know what they put in those, right?” Her sister plopped nearly on top of her, paper bowl in hand with a single scoop of icecream. She licked the spoon like a lollipop.

“Abi,” Livie turned with a half-smile. “How’d you know I was here?”

 “Pfff. I know you like we were the same person.”

 “You want some?” Livie offered the pastry.

 Abigail’s nose scrunched. “No. I want to live through the day.”

 “And I don’t?”

 “I don’t know. Do you? What’d the doc say?”

 Looking away, Livie shrugged. “Same as usual.”

 Abi waited for her to continue, but Livie changed the subject. “You know. My little Philip only wants to play with whatever his sister’s got.”


 “I watched a trailer for a new movie coming out. I got all weepy just during those two minutes. I want to be loved like that.”

 “It’s a movie, Liv.”

“I know,” she looked at her hands, dropping the bread and wiping her fingers. Ants converged immediately.

They were silent for awhile, watching a black dog galumph around the park sans leash. It stopped to sniff people, wagged its tail when someone paused to scratch it, but dashed off as soon as they showed too much interest. There wasn’t an apparent owner anywhere.

“Can I have a bite of your icecream?”

Abi handed the bowl over. “Sure. The guy’s just right there, do you want me to get you some?”

“Nah, it won’t taste as good if it’s mine,” Livie smiled. “I just want some of yours.” 

Total pages logged as of today: 128 (I feel like I've done more than that lately? But the numbers are what they are. Huh.)

Moment of Magic today:

Harps, by default, make anything magical. But how she closes her eyes to sing is magical too. Their pauses are magical. My little boy sitting on my lap to watch this video, swinging his leg to the beat, is magical. 

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