Monday, January 16, 2012


I always  start the dishwasher first.

Well, no, rewind. Boys go to bed first, then dishwasher, then I play a song in the background while I open everything up that I think I'll be using:

A couple of Word documents (my overall story, my notes, the current bit of the story I'm working on...), and, usually there's a browser up so I can quickly look for images that inspire me through blank spots (for example, if I'm not sure exactly what the dress is called that I picture my main character wearing, I look around on Google Images).

These are my crutches, or rather, my mainstays.

Hours logged today: 0    Pages logged today: 0    Total pages logged today (this weekend): 94

Moment of Magic today:

 My friend told me about this incredibly interesting project -- the idea itself inspires me. Find the details here: SHELLEY JACKSON'S INERADICABLE STAIN


  1. Yeah, what are those dresses called? They are beautiful. What's interesting to me is that you picture Aimee in a flowing dress but I had pictured her in jeans. Hmm? I love that our imaginations are so unique and personal but they all fit in this crazy world.

  2. Nah, nah, you're right. She's a jeans type-of-girl, but there's a part coming up where she's going to dinner, needs a dress...

    And they're called "maxi dresses". I guess. I'm not the most fashion-savy person.


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