Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fixing Labels

Question: So what do restaurant menus, the Bible, and your junk drawer all have in common?

Hint: it has nothing to do with scape goats.

Answer: without a little organization it's all just too much and really wouldn't you just rather fling the thing than waste all those hours finding what you were looking for?

Much like my labels for this blog. They were beginning to turn into a novel, in and of themselves. Something had to be done.

I'm great at writing out notes and making lists of things to do, but I am not by nature an organizer, though every once in awhile (usually around the change of the seasons?) my sun sign will kick in. Today my inner-virgo remained dormant. Hedging and tidying my labels wasn't fun but I think in the long run it'll make blogging easier? Faster and more efficient?

Or my they may grow out of control again, in which case I'll have to prune them back. Again. Whatever. It's all an ever-changing process anyway. It feels good to organize once in awhile.

Hours logged today: 5    Pages logged today: 5    Total pages logged today: 112

Moment of Magic today:

The only other thing I can add is: "Yum"

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