Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Easily Distracted

Okay, many hours of wasted time later, here's where I fumble around a little bit saying any of the following:

Link to Wonderwall here

"Paying my bills was a legit reason to get online, though I probably didn't need to head over to Wonderwall from there...still, you've gotta admit finding out who looked fab and who looked drab at [insert most recent celebrity awards show here] is a great way to relieve stress about how much money you don't have, now that you've dutifully paid the bills."


Link to Carly's shop here

 "Yes, it was necessary I browsed around hundreds of shops on Etsy, even though I don't have money to buy anything (since I'm dutifully paying my bills, as before mentioned)."


"Well I have been meaning to email those people back. No, I didn't need to email them all back tonight, but...well *sheepish shrug*...I've been meaning to get back to them for quite some time now."

or even (and this written with a blush),

"But I love blogging. I feel like it's my connection to the world outside of my 10x10 foot box. Surely that's okay, right?"


So a tactic I use for getting around my distractions is to log out of everything at least, at least, at least a half-hour before I plan to sit down for my serious-writing-time. Back away from the computer. Blahdedy-blah-blah my mind, shake out all that extra stuff.

Start the dishwasher.

And then I just don't let myself think about all the other things that could distract me. Yes, they're there constantly niggling, but you have to build up a mental block or something. I may always have a browser open to search for things I need to know more about for my story, but otherwise I don't even look at it. Focus time is focus time.

Otherwise it's a waste of time. Which doesn't bode well for deadlines -- self-imposed or otherwise.

Hours logged today: 1    Pages logged today: 1    Total pages logged today : 95

Moment of Magic today:

Tonight was cold and somewhat heavy. Alpha didn't want to go to bed yet, and he was so cute with his zipped up sleepers and droopy eyes, so we cuddled up with soft blankets, milk in mugs, and watched Amelie (skipping through the "R" parts for him, of course). Magic movie and a new magic memory. 

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