Saturday, December 3, 2011

Utahns trying to cleanup mess left by wind

So I went to bed a little after midnight on December 1st, bound and determined to finish the "Black Luck" post during the boys' naptime ( and therefore by 4pm)...

Then this happened:

Link to the video here --,0,1346767.story

Multiple trees uprooted all down our street
Uh. I don't know this woman but she illustrates my point: it was insane.

It was probably around 2 am that I first realized there was a problem because the walls were shuddering and the windows were creaking. What the...

Somewhere in my groggy mind I remembered going to the store Tuesday night to buy some yogurt and overhearing the cashier say there were hurricane-strength winds projected to come roaring through our area on Thursday. The way she spoke about it reminded me of a groupy talking up her favorite band coming to town. I didn't even consider the storm could mean the fridge would go out, along with all the lights, the computer, any radios. Preparing for such a thing? I had no idea what that even meant.

Needless to say, all that yogurt was ruined.

As it turns out, it meant that at 2 am I woke up on Thursday morning to the screaming of the wind. I've always thought that was just a metaphor, but it was the most bizarre, scary sound, truly sounding like multiple people screaming different pitches and intensities. The whole house shook. I lay in my bed breathing fast, trying to figure out what to do (I feel like I'm writing about a character, but this really was me -- I really did lay there with my mind desperately trying to wake up and assess the situation -- it seems so surreal, now). When I looked out the window, anything that wasn't heavy or tied down was pinned horizontally in the wind. Screaming, screeching, objects that shouldn't be flying were flying.

It was just like the movies, except it was real.

Somewhere around 3 I was downstairs, watching out the back window in disbelief, when there was a loud boom outside and all the power went off. Without the street lights illuminating the chaos it was even more surreal. The noises, the feel of the wind pushing, pushing...I felt like it could tear the foundation up and we'd all be swept tumbling into the next street over. In reality, what did come up was part of our back fence and a huge limb broke off the tree in the front, nearly crashing down into our car but barely missing it. We were lucky. Not everyone in our neighborhood were as blessed.

Anyway. This continued through the next day, and even as it started to finally settle down Thursday evening, the power was still out. We are lucky to have a gas fireplace. Hubs (short for hubby, short for husband) had to work a grave shift so Alpha and Beta (son one and two) and I snuggled up in the room with the fireplace. I closed off all the other rooms and we were snug bugs as long as we stayed in there. It was freezing anywhere else in the place.

Long story short, our power didn't come on again til later today (December 2).

This is much later than my December 1 by 4pm deadline. I apologize for my delay -- I was puttering in my head about it the whole time -- I'm truly sorry. *sigh*

So what have I learned from all this?

1. Always listen to your cashier when they warn of natural disasters, even if they do sound like a nutty groupy, and prep the fridge/cupboards accordingly.

2. Keep on close hand lots of candles, matches/lighters, and flashlights; then know where you've put away all the above-said items so you're not ramming your head into things while you're blindly trying to find them.

3. Check the weather forecast before promising to finish posts by a certain deadline.

Thanks, all, for your continued interest and support.


  1. That is so scary. I had many customers that day on the phones asking me if we got the heavy winds up here in North Utah but we didn't that I know of so I didn't understand how dramatic it was. I'm glad that Alpha, Beta, Hubs, & you are ok. Wow! So what exactly happened to your fridge. Did it move? I'm still confused by that bit. Heth

  2. Although this appears to be merely the work of a natural disaster... I am, in fact, blaming you for the storm. You set a deadline. Murphy's Law was written for such occasions. Ergo, this is your fault. Thanks a lot. :)

  3. Heth -- (I know we talked about this already but I'm just saying it "outloud" for anyone else who I confused as well) The fridge didn't go anywhere, I just couldn't open it because I didn't want the food inside to spoil. Some of it did anyway, but most of it survived. I would have liked to prepare better because though I love bread and snacks, both get old after awhile when those are your only options.

    Anonymous -- just trying to do my part in helping your father-in-law, and his neighbor, redo their landscaping. Weren't they saying they wanted to switch things up a bit? As well as the rest of the Wasatch front? My work is done, here, no need to thank me.


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