Sunday, December 4, 2011

My "Duh" Moment

Following the advice of an old writing friend, I check my penname every once in awhile on Google, especially now that I'm producing stuff more frequently and (hopefully) proficiently. While there are a few other dbstevens people out there, "my" penname -- linked with my writing -- has usually come up within the first 10 search items, which I've been relatively proud of. But over the last month it's slowly climbed up to the seventh item, maybe the fifth...

Imagine my joy, then, when I checked again last night and saw this:

(Click on the picture for an enhanced view)

Nice, huh? Fiiinally. Number one search item is my name, my profile, my writing... but wait? I don't use that site.

Waaait a second.

While I do use other writing forums to promote my blog -- if you look at the picture again you'll see "Writer's Cafe" and that's me -- because that's what some of the best writers and bloggers suggest you do to grow your readership, I always reference my excerpts back to Kicking Corners. This profile didn't.

Upon further research of the Runonwords site, it's completely legit, it's actually a really cool writing forum, and my writing/penname is pretty popular on there. So much so that it rocketed my writing/penname to the top search item in Google.

The only problem, then, is that it wasn't me posting there, no one had asked to use excerpts of my writing, and there wasn't anything pointing readers back to my blog.

They say that "Imitation is the highest form of flattery," and in a way I suppose I am flattered when I don't think about the reality of the situation. Also, I'm grateful this person used my penname, rather than just reposting my writing in another name (who knows, maybe that's going on too? I need to check).


While I've contacted the team at Runonwords and they've deleted the account there (hats off to them, they were really quick to reply and great to work with), I've decided I need to seriously re-think this blog. For now I'm taking down my story while I process everything that's happened thus far with it.

And there is another storm coming so I'm officially not setting a deadline for anything tomorrow. We'll see you in a week or so. Maybe.

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  1. That's so weird. I'm bummed your story isn't up least for the time being. hmm. I guess anyone can run that risk of having content stoten when posting on the sad it happened to you sista!


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