Monday, November 28, 2011

The Job

Removed by author, please refer to My "Duh" Moment


  1. She's gonna kill him with a disposable razor?... She must be good.

    I like how you refer to her dad simply as "Death."

    I also like the many layers that are being developed - the story has a lot of potential twists and turns. I like that we know she is being followed by demons, but still don't know why. It satiates my need for little crumbs to keep me following the trail.

  2. She is good... the best, so everyone keeps saying ;) But it helps that the guy is already dead. Oh, did I just let that slip?

    Thanks for the great feedback. I'll try to keep the crumbs coming.

  3. Wow, I love the joke about the map to other continents. It made me laugh. I'm so intrigued by this whole family business. It was interesting to me that the order to kill the elderly guy came from higher ups. Interesting perspective on life. So multilayered. Love it!! Heth


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