Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finding Wynn

Removed by author, please refer to My "Duh" Moment


  1. What?!? Who is he? Is this implying that he made the tracker not work... or it just wasn't working?

    My feelings during this piece changed - I was more relaxed than I have been for the others... Until the very end. Well played.

  2. The tracker works, but not on Wynn, and the reason why will be clarified as we go on. Good question.

    "...Well played" -- Thank you ^^

  3. OMG, what is going on? Wow, I'm wondering why she has to deal with the most powerful being. This is so interesting. I'm glad I'm a bit behind so I can find out more straight away. Brilliant story!
    You mustn't answer anymore questions from "anonymous" in the comments cause it takes away from the thrill and suspence of the story. At lease for me it does. Cause now I know that the tracker doesn't work and Wynn is already deal all cause of Megan. :) Heth

  4. Haha! K, no more slips. But it is good to get that kind of feedback from all y'all because then I know what I need to clarify. I'll just clarify it in the story, rather than the comments, like a good author should :)


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