Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Dream

Removed by author, please refer to My "Duh" Moment


  1. Alright, so. If I had it over to do again I think I would have this as a prologue-type of thing so readers wouldn't be so surprised when I threw the fantasy element in a few posts later.

    What do you think? Is it placed right, or does it slow the pace down here?

  2. I think I meant to say: "If I had it to do over again..."

    *glances again at posting time*

    But now I'm laughing at the image in my head of having It over to my place to do again. What did we do the first time, I wonder?


  3. No, I think the fantacy is ok as you have it cause in earlier post we relize it is fantacy. The only thing that is confusing to me in this post and perhaps to other "fantacy virgins" is how Aimee went from sitting at her kitchen table of an apartment that was gone, having a dream about Wynn and then she was sitting across from Wynn at the cafe. Was the kitchen sceen a memory. It didn't flow right for me but maybe I just don't understand how fantacy works yet. I love how you always have a cliff hanger at the end. You're billiant at this. It deffienatly makes the reader want to know more. Well done! Heth

  4. I could see it being a prologue, it would fit at the beginning nicely, but it adds intrigue here also. When you first went into the dream I was a bit confused, but by the end of the post it all made sense. Great writing, Debz! Love you!

  5. Yup, you're both right -- the transition was confusing. I thought it might be rough, but wanted to see what y'all thought. Thanks for your comments on this. I'll have to play around with it some more at my editing stage and/or move it somewhere else completely.

    Good thoughts, good thoughts.


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