Thursday, November 3, 2011

And so it Begins

Removed by author, please refer to My "Duh" Moment


  1. I like that Aimee was worried about shaving her legs during her big escape. It made me laugh. Aimee should go to SoSo's and wait for Lexy. Heth

  2. Ah, but perhaps the razor plays into the story later... or perhaps it's just a red herring... or perhaps I scratched my legs just at that moment and realized I needed to shave them so it inadvertently made it into the story...

    We'll have to read/write on to see.

  3. Emmm... what to do what to do...
    she sould take the razor, for the comment i've is a good one, meybe it will help her in a tight sich or she will reach into her bag and the razor shall cut her, she'll take her hand out of the bag and her blood will drip.
    She sould go to the 24-hour store, a little risk always helps.

  4. ...a little risk always helps... this is so true. I'll put it to work in a later post. Thanks.


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